How to Straighten Natural Black & African American Hair 2017

How to Straighten Natural Hair

Having straight hair that looks like it has been professionally done is the goal of everyone. We all want hair like the movie stars and celebrities but its not that easy for people with natural hair. When doing any hair treatment that involves heat you should be very cautious as one mistake can cost you some inches. Below i’ll explain how to straighten natural hair.

How to Flat Iron Natural Hair.

The first step in the process to having straight hair, you need to group your hair into specific sections so that it is easier to straighten. If you have thicker hair, you should group it into more sections so that all your hair gets heated. Once you have your hair grouped up into manageable sections, guide the straightener to about an inch or so below your roots, and in a slow, but swift motion glide the straightener down the shaft of your hair to the end.

For any sections of your hair that you may have missed, take the straightener as close to your scalp as possible, pull the straightener down your hair and away from your scalp outwardly. After you’re finished, you should consider using a shine spray to maintain a glossy look. This is of course just a recommendation.

What Flat Iron Should You Buy?

When you’re shopping for a new flat iron, be sure to take note of the weight. Understand that you’ll be holding that flat iron up in the air for minutes at a time and if it’s heavy, you’ll be feeling the burn (pun intended) at the end of your straightening session.

Now, each individual flat iron has its own heat settings. The texture of your hair will help factor in what setting you’ll put it on.

Cheaper flat irons that you find at your local beauty store will work with settings that automatically begin on a higher temperature than more expensive flat irons and if the density of your hair is right, then you won’t need to adjust the temperature at all, if it even allows you to. But if your hair is thin the temperature might be to high which could potentially do more harm than good.

I highly recommend you spend the extra money to buy a ceramic flat iron with variable heat settings so you can put it on the temperature you need for your hair and prevent any damage in the long run, plus good flat irons last longer than a generic $10 flat iron. The level of convenience and control you get from a good flat iron really does speak for itself. Here are the temperatures for the specified hair types:

If your hair is damaged or very thin: Between 250-300 degrees.

If your hair is of average length and strength: Between 300-350 degrees.

For healthy, thick, or long hair: Between 350-400 degrees.

Finding an Effective Flat Iron.

First, we need to consider the kind of material your flat iron is made from. Titanium and ceramic plates are ideal for flat irons. These are more efficient because the heat is evenly distributed and that ensures your flat iron will not have any hot spots that could potentially burn your hair.

These flat irons are also widely used and considered the best because the hairs cuticles are tightened by the release of negative ions. Per experts of the beauty world, this will produce a much smoother, straight, natural, and healthy look for your hair.

Alternately, you should not buy or use flat irons with coated ceramic or Teflon on their plates because these are said to cause uneven heating which increases the chance of your hair being burned.

Are Flat Irons Worth It?

That question can be answered by asking yourself two questions: How fast do you want straight hair? and how concerned are you with potentially burning your hair from too much heat? You can’t just go out and buy any flat iron, you need to buy one based on the size and thickness of your hair.

If you have short or narrow hair, you should use a flat iron that has thinner plates on each end. The ideal size flat iron for shorter hair is between ½ inch and one inch thick. This is also good for women with thick hair as it can grab a lot of hair easily and efficiently straighten it.

I’m sure you’ve seen those large, wide plates on certain flat ironing units. Those are the units you buy if you have long hair, or thick long hair.

Straight Hair Myths.

Those of us who are born with naturally wavy or curly hair are always looking for sure fire ways to get our hair straight and have it look as natural as possible afterward, but there are many myths in the beauty world when it comes to straight hair.

These are things like split ends being reversible, some girls wake up with perfect straight hair, and that some just have naturally smooth hair and no matter what happens to it, it won’t frizz up or look dirty. These things just aren’t true and truth be told, we all must work for that smooth, frizz-less style that we clamor for.

Any woman who has ever had that smooth straight hair understands that not only do you have to put effort into getting it but some heating components are required.

Avoiding Common Straightening Mistakes.

One thing people do when they are pressed for time but want straight hair is they use the straightener on wet hair. Avoid doing this at all costs because there is a high chance that you will torch the strands of your hair. Not to mention the smell. You should also avoid using any heating tools that are broken, chipped, or damaged in any way as this can cause a fire, damage your hair due to dis-proportioned heat, or cause a short. If you would like to avoid getting dry hair from using a flat iron then try to limit use to about 3-4 times a week.

Cleaning your flat iron is also imperative. There are special mixtures that are made for this however you can also just use warm water. Cleaning your flat iron is important as it prevents product build up.

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