Best Clarifying Shampoo for Natural Hair

Did you know that your hair isn’t as clean as you think it is? Even if you wash it every day, your hair is weighed down by residue from your regular shampoo and conditioner, hair styling products like mousse and gels, and even mineral deposits from water. Get rid of that gunk with the best clarifying shampoo for natural hair!

How often should you use a clarifying shampoo for natural hair?

You don’t have to use a clarifying shampoo every day. Just use it instead of your regular shampoo every few days, depending on your hair type.

  • If you have very fine or dry hair, use a clarifying shampoo once every 10 days.
  • If you have oily or limp hair, use it twice a week.

You can also use clarifying shampoo before applying a leave-in hair mask, or after you swim in a chlorinated pool.

3 Best Clarifying Shampoos for Natural Hair

1. N.4 High Performance Hair Care – Lumiere d’hiver (Clarifying Shampoo)

best clarifying shampoo for natural black hair



  • Vegan, Natural, Chemical-free.
  • Relaxing, luxurious scent.
  • Best for normal or fine hair.
  • Top of the line, best of the best.

This premium clarifying shampoo is worth every cent! It’s free of sulfates, sodium chloride, parabens, and it’s 100% Vegan. In fact, it’s so natural and gentle you can use it on your face.

Even tho it’s gentle, it’s very effective. Just a little pump will be enough to make your hair soft and shiny again. An 8.5-ounce bottle will last for months, so don’t feel guilty about splurging on it. Think of it as your own personal hair spa – especially since it has such a great and relaxing freesia scent!

2. Kenra Clarifying Shampoo

Best Clarifying Shampoo for Natural Hair


  • Good price for a large bottle.
  • Soothes dry, itchy and flaking scalp.
  • Best for thick or curly hair.

This is a very moisturizing clarifying shampoo for natural hair. It works miracles on a dry and itchy scalp, or thick, curly hair that tends to get rough or easily tangled. If you have very fine or straight hair this will also work well for you.

3. Tru Moroccan Natural Clarifying Shampoo.

best clarifying shampoo for natural hair review


  •  Helps control oil.
  •  Great for dandruff & itchy scalp.
  • Natural & Organic .
  • Best for oily or damaged hair.

This is a very light clarifying shampoo that uses very gentle but effective, plant-based ingredients to remove build up and fight grease. It’s so gentle that people with very oily hair actually use it every other day, especially when the weather is hot and they’re more prone to sweat.

Tru Moroccan’s plant extracts also fights dandruff and bacteria that can cause scalp to smell. You’ll love the citrus scent – it’s subtle but lasts all day, for hair that smells and feels fresh.

Final Words.

Get rid of grime and build-up with these amazing clarifying shampoos. Gentle, effective, and full of natural and potent ingredients, they are the best clarifying shampoos for natural hair. Also check out the best clarifying shampoo to remove hair color and hair dye, what are hot oil treatments, and then learn how to grow African american hair.

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