Coconut Oil for Black African American Hair: Benefits & Uses 2018

Coconut Oil african american hair

African Americans have hair that is unique in its composition. It is usually black in color and curly or kinky in texture. However, most African Americans have dry hair, which is fragile and prone to damage. This kind of hair needs more care and treatment to maintain its vitality. This has pushed different manufacturers to create hair products, such as coconut oil for African American hair to address these needs and these issues.

Common Characteristics of Black African American Hair

Black hair has the right to flaunt itself, but in today’s society some people don’t find it beautiful. For African Americans, their black hair usually lack moisture because the hairs do not have the capacity to retain water. Moisture has to find its way into the hair shaft, but the curly nature of black hairs limits this.

The texture associated with curly and kinky black hairs prevents moisture from seeping through the shaft. They need the assistance of natural moisturizers, like coconut oil for African American hair. People have created different ways to retain moisture for their hair, and coconut oil is one of the most effective solutions for black hair.

The Natural Benefits of Coconut Oil on Black Hair

Coconut oil comes directly from its kernel. It produces oils that are high in vitamin E, vitamin K, capric acid, lauric acid, and saturated fatty acids. These fatty acids help hair become stronger, softer, longer, and shinier.

It has the natural capacity to retain moisture while still unprocessed. It does not evaporate and break down easily once you apply it to your hair. As a result, it has more time to seep into the hair’s shaft, and this has become helpful for most people with black hair.

Coconut Oil Uses

Science has shown that coconut oil is not only used as an ingredient in medicines, but can also function as an ingredient for hair-care products. Here are three main uses of coconut oil for black hair:

  1. Shampoo

Coconut oil is an effective natural cleansing agent that does not remove the natural oils of hair. It does not need artificial ingredients to penetrate the scalp and follicles. These dangerous chemicals only stimulate hair loss and clogging.

Most labels of shampoos say they contain coconut oils, but they only use a small percentage of it. If you want to experience more substantial benefits, you can buy natural coconut oil and create a better formula for your own shampoo. You can also mix it with your current shampoo.

  1. Conditioner

The main function of conditioners is to smoothen and soften your hair. They provide more than enough moisture to fight against dryness, dullness, and brittleness associated with natural black hair.

Coconut oil also has the same function. It conditions the hair from the inside shaft to the outer cuticles. It also fights dandruff caused by fungi, bacteria, or dryness of hair.

  1. Moisturizer

Coconut oil acts as a moisturizer because it prevents hair from becoming dry and dull. Its long-term benefits for black hair include its aspect of fighting common black hair problems, such as dandruff, split ends, and constant thinning.

You will experience its benefits once you use it daily. Regular use of coconut oil for black hair growth will help you achieve a shinier and softer texture, while retaining a fresh, natural fragrance for your hair.

You can apply it onto hair of almost any state: dry or wet, and natural black or processed. Apply an ample amount and massage onto your scalp slowly. This will wake up your hair follicles and roots, which is good for African American hair that is slowly thinning.

Coconut Oil for Black Hair Benefits

Now that you know the practical uses of coconut oil for hair, you might ask this question: is coconut oil good for African American hair?

More people, especially women, want to look good today. In society, women are blessed when they have long and smooth blonde hair. This helps promote feelings of disappointment in Asian and African American women.

If you have black hair, you do not need to be ashamed. Instead of changing your look, you can improve and maintain your curly or black hair.

You just need to strengthen your hair. Kinky and curly black hair is the most susceptible to damage and breakage, but the following benefits of coconut oil for black hair are already enough to create a more vibrant look.

  1. Sealant

After a series of studies, researchers found out that coconut oil acts as a sealant for both wet and dry hairs. However, it can only penetrate the fibers of wet hair.

It covers the layer of the outer cuticles to increase hair’s strength and enhance shine. The oil protects the hair from friction, especially when strands come into close contact.

  1. Moisture and Protein Support

Studies show that coconut oil easily penetrates wet hair, but it does not mean that dry hairs are irresponsive to its effects.

Coconut oil is best for dry hair when used as a pre-shampoo remedy. Your black hair is usually swelling when it is dry. Applying a small amount prepares the hair fibers from the drying effects of most shampoos.

It is best for damaged hair because your hair cuticles are open and more exposed to the oil’s effects. It adds more proteins, as it contains different acids, and makes your hair more resilient to swelling.

Black hairs usually absorb more water and swell more than other types of hair. Coconut oil holds and controls water that causes too much swelling.


Coconut oil is one of the best products for all types of hair. Aside from the numerous medical benefits it gives, it also provides a natural remedy for people with problematic hair, especially African Americans.

Limitations seldom affect the use of this oil for natural black hair. You can use it before you shampoo your hair to keep the proteins intact. You can also use it after treating your hair with different chemicals as a sealant and moisturizer.

Coconut oil provides hope that every person has an opportunity to improve their hair’s beauty without the use of harmful chemicals. Hopefully you now understand the benefits coconut oil has on black african american hair.

While coconut oil is great for your hair you should also pick up some oils, shampoos, and great products to boost hair growth.

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